guest@laduecs.club ~> ls -a
.lsh_history .lshrc about hello projects test
guest@laduecs.club ~> cat hello

We're creative. We're curious. We're students. We love computer science. We're from Ladue. The rest is left as an exercise to the reader.

There will be a test at the end.
guest@laduecs.club ~> cat about
We're Ladue's one and only computer science club! (LMAO Robotics kids as they furiously fake-code)

We do FUN STUFF. Like really FUN STUFF. So FUN that you'll quit all your other clubs to do our FUN stuff. Seriously, come check out our FUN STUFF. This is not meant to be sinister.

You'll meet 300 IQ people and even better, learn their secret dark tricks! >:)

You'll go through the stages of programming enlightenment:
0) Scratch lmao
1) Basic Python and HTML/CSS (No JS because JS sucks. This website works best with JS disabled!)
2) Git, Bash, Linux, FUNctional programming
3) Fake news bots, binary exploitation, hAcKiNg your friends, USACO (give up, too hard), BSD, non-backdoored RNG, commodity supercomputers, DueCoin™ NFTs
4) World domination à la Google/Instametabook
5) How to get a better night's sleep after coding in front of your computer for the past 40 hours continuously.

Let's get started! Join us!
guest@laduecs.club ~> ls projects
Intro to Python Awesome CS Presentations 2048 CTFs Lore DUOS OpenContest
guest@laduecs.club ~> cat /etc/passwd
andyandy:x:1000:1000:Give him a high-five for making this!:/home/andy:/bin/lsh
anthonyanthony:x:1001:1001:Former benevolent dictator:/home/anthony:/bin/lsh
michaelmichael:x:1002:1002:Cyberattack Counteroperatert:/home/michael:/bin/lsh
samsam:x:1003:1003:Competitive programming legend:/home/sam:/bin/lsh
billiambilliam:x:1004:1004:Intro to Python protagonist:/home/billiam:/bin/lsh
bobertbobert:x:1005:1005:Billiam's long-lost brother:/home/bobert:/bin/lsh
aidenaiden:x:1006:1006:Representative of the robotics team:/home/aiden:/bin/lsh
abheekabheek:x:1007:1007:The Abheek daemon:/home/abheek:/bin/lsh
notsamnotsam:x:1008:1008:Soda addict && reverse engineer:/home/notsam:/bin/lsh
owenowen:x:1009:1009:Proffesional food therapist:/home/owen:/bin/lsh
kevinkevin:x:1010:1010:The REAL Kevin:/home/kevin:/bin/lsh
sayamsayam:x:1011:1011:(no description provided):/home/sayam:/bin/lsh
aksharakshar:x:1012:1012:Average competitive programmer:/home/akshar:/bin/lsh
richierichie:x:1013:1013:Concerned penguin:/home/richie:/bin/lsh
geoffreygeoffrey:x:1014:1014:fsck running:/home/geoffrey:/bin/lsh
olenaolena:x:1015:1015:I hate tkinter:/home/olena:/bin/lsh
alicealice:x:1016:1016:FNAF music intensifies...:/home/alice:/bin/lsh
daviddavid:x:1017:1017:(no description provided):/home/david:/bin/lsh
robertrobert:x:1019:1019:Godly carrot:/home/robert:/bin/lsh
johndoejohndoe:x:1020:1020:John Doe John Doe John Doe:/home/johndoe:/bin/lsh
isabellaisabella:x:1021:1021:Plotting everyone's downfall:/home/isabella:/bin/lsh
rachelrachel:x:1022:1022:Not Olena:/home/rachel:/bin/lsh
aaronaaron:x:1023:1023:Upcoming benevolent dictator:/home/aaron:/bin/lsh
guestguest:x:1024:1024:You could be on here too! Jusk ask!:/home/guest:/bin/lsh

guest@laduecs.club ~> cat test
🎉🎉🎉🎉 Alright, time for the test at the end! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
I warned you, didn't I?

Problem 1: Will you join LadueCS?
Problem 2: Will you come to our weekly meetings?
Problem 3: What is Mr. White's phone number?

ɹǝqɯnu ǝuoɥd sıɥ ɹoɟ sɓuıʇǝǝɯ ɹno oʇ ǝɯoɔ 'sǝ⅄ 'sǝ⅄ :sɹǝʍsu∀

© ∞ Billiam Wender and the Ladue community!
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